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Portfolio 2023

Senior Project 2023

This work is an exploration of ancestors through the
Black Atlantic Diaspora.

The noxious baroque greed of colonialism,
so assuming it blinds.

Departed exhibit passage.

I resolve those before,  recognize, reconcile distant future. 
Future affect space, love, apperception.

The core concept of this project was to visualize and contextualize the Black Atlantic and the colonial impact on culture and society to convey the trauma of this experience which is imprinted in black DNA. This was conveyed through a series of 4 canvas screen prints (30x60in). Accompanied by 13 woodblock printed symbols each (1.5x1.5ft). These symbols are dervied from West Afrikan Adrinka symobls, various symbols were chosen to tell a Afrikan-Futurist narrative. Symbols are also developed using the context and experiences that Black people and People of color experience in Western Colonial Insisutions. The symbols meaning are stated below.

Wood-Block Printed Symbols


Screen-prints (30x60in)

Lasercut Wood-Blocks Intaglio (9x10in)