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About Me

Nicholas Nicome (He/Him) is attending the Minneapolis College of Art and Design pursuing a BFA in Graphic Design expected 2023 Graduation. In 2020 Nicholas worked for Waters Edge Wealth Management assisting a senior designer on the redevelopment of the website and brand. When Nicholas is not pursuing design, his free time is filled with co-owning *Printing»Ground, founded in 2022 with Kruz Kardset and William Cushman. *Printing»Ground is a small print shop in Northeast Minneapolis. We print textiles for musicians, garment designers, and other visual artists in the Twin Cities.

I am committed to working in community through my work at *Printing»Ground and in my own practice. Teaching and workshops are something that I am working towards to be at the core of my work, I am interested in projects that work to benefit communities and the quality of life for those residents. Nicholas brings an open-minded, and attentive spirit, he likes to find all of the possible connections on a topic to identify and solidify the foundation of a design.

Nicholas also pursues photography for fun and freelance, he dived into photography which became his first artistic outlet. He would have his first exhibition at Intermedia Arts in 2017. In 2018 for the Scholastics Art and Writing, he achived the gold key winner with two honorable mentions.